These three Saints and more knew the Secrets of God, how to stop World War I and to turn evil into a Marian Triumph over Satan !!!!!!!!!

Saint Pius X –
Opened the door
for the Eucharist ans Children

Pope Benedict XV ~
Prayers of Children and the beginning of the
end of World War I and the beginning of
Our Lady at Fatima

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Please take the time to review some of these beautiful documents pertaining to our world’s children and power (at times miraculous) to intercede for the the conversion of sinners and the entire world.

Answer the Call
In a way in which we do not formulate projects, because for the theme we will have our children,
all equally loved by us, a proposal of unequaled power to succeed. Pope Benedict XV

Dear Clergy, Teachers, Parents and Grandparents,
Ave Maria!

Powerful excerpts from Saint John Paul II Christmas Letter to the children of the world 1994.

Please understand Children of the Eucharist, Young Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
does not promote the prayers of children because of some educated thought of our own. With minds and
hearts turned to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and her message of Fatima this was always the direction we focused on.
But then (Saint John Paul II declared the ‘Year of the Rosary’ while our thoughts turned towards the study of his
Apostolic Letter, Rosarium Virginis Mariae, we began searching into other documents and found our mission INTENSIFY

AND SO WE BEGAN! October 7th – 2003 YEAR OF THE ROSARY (See History at bottom of page)
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(A Christmas Letter to the World’s Children) (1994)

Many children experience “unspeakable suffering” today—“in the Balkans, for example, and in some African countries.
It was while I was thinking about these facts…that I decided to ask you, dear boys and girls, to take upon yourselves the
duty of praying for peace,” Pope John Paul II said in a message to the world’s children just before Christmas 1994.

The Vatican press office called the letter a “miniencyclical.” It said the text contrasted with the sugary prose often present in
children’s literature and represented a true pastoral and educational document for children. Said to be the first papal document
ever specifically addressed to children, it marked the close of the 1994 International Year of the Family.

The Pope asked children not only to pray for peace, but to pray for their families and all families of the world. Pray also “that you
will find out what your calling is and that you will then follow it generously,” the Pope exhorted children. His letter pointed to the
role of children in the Gospel and in Church history.
“How important children are in the eyes of Jesus! We could even say that the Gospel is full
of the truth about children,” the Pope said.
“There are many boys and girls among those declared by the Church to be saints or blessed.” The Pope assured children that
God loves them. “People cannot live without love,” he said.
“They are called to love God and their neighbor, but in order to love properly they must be certain
that God loves them.”

THE TRUST that these Saints had in the prayers of children led us a great light.
Saint Pius X and Pope Benedict XV

Quam Singulari
Saint Pope Pius X – 1910

For many centuries, the Eucharist was reserved for adults, but Pius X wanted to change that.

Pope Pius X ‘s decree in 1910 allowed children who had reached the age of reason to receive Holy
Communion. During the four years following the decrees of Pius X, a world gone mad destroyed
what was left of Christian civilization in blood, fire and hatred. St. Pius X saw his urgent calls for
peace ignored; the conciliatory attempts of his successor Pope Benedict XV were treated the same
way. His memorandum for peace, dated July 1, 1915, was unanimously rejected by the nations at
war and even some priests. Some even protested against the Pope’s initiative.
Above all he opened the door for the children receive the Holy Eucharist at the age of seven.

It was June,1916 and while world war I was raging, Pope Benedict XV, finished with the politics of his day
and man’s wisdom stated: “I am going to God’s folly the Cross (sacrifices) and the prayers of children.

In June of 1916 Benedict XV, finished with these rebuffs towards his efforts for peace he said he was
finished with “man’s wisdom” and turned with trust to “God’s folly” ‘the cross sacrifices’) and the pure and
innocent prayers of children. On June 20th Benedict XV prescribed to all the bishops of the nations at
war that on July 30, 1916 all the children of their dioceses receive Communion in the most solemn
manner for the intentions of the Pope. On that day, these nations saw thousands of children receive
Holy Communion and unite their sacrifices to the Sacrifice of Our Lord for the conversion of the
world, and an end to the war, World War I.


“My last words are for the children:
Dear Boys and Girls.

Our Lady needs all of you to console Jesus, who is sad because of the bad things done to Him; Our Lady needs your prayers and your sacrifices for sinners.
Ask your parents and teachers to enroll you in the “School” of Our Lady, so that she can teach you to be like the little shepherds, who tried to do whatever she asked them.”

We cannot overlook the role of children in the Church, but must speak of them with great affection. They are heaven’s smile entrusted to earth. They are the true gems of the family and society and the Church’s delight. They are like the “lilies of the field,” of which Jesus said that “not even Solomon in all his splendor was arrayed like one of these” (Mt 6:28-29). They are Jesus’ favorites, and the Church, the Pope, cannot fail to hear beating in their own heart the feelings of love for them in Christ’s heart.

Children of the Eucharist was surprised to find this newsletter article written by the Dominicans. This certainly encouraged us to learn the Dominicans were on the same
link as us. The Holy Spirit was at work.

Pope Benedict XV, the Pope of Peace, understood that the innocence, the open simplicity of the child’s soul was irresistible to God. In the summer of 1916, the Great War was raging across Europe.
Pope Benedict XV having exhausted every diplomatic means to intervene and avert the war and later to try to end the horrible conflict, turned to ask the prayers of the children and to have them unite
around the Eucharistic Banquet. From Rome, Pope Benedict XV through his Bishops, called for the children of the world and especially of the warring nations to unite in prayer
and to receive Holy Communion on the 30th of July in reparation for the crimes of men and in supplication for peace.

That date marked the second anniversary of the declaration of war, the ‘suicide of civil Europe’ as he called it. Thousands of children responded under the direction
of their Bishops and Parish Priests.The Pope addressed the children assembled in Rome. He explained the power of the childrens’ prayers in this way:
“Omnipotence, in the first place, is the daughter of your innocence, because in the presence of God, the prayer of a heart which has always been pure has greater effect than those of a heart made pure through penance.
Omnipotence, in the second place, is the companion of your weakness, since The Author of All has chosen to confound the powerful of the world, by “the weak ones of the world.”
The Pope continued: “Be before God Our Messengers of Peace…Do your parents, your brothers and sisters, and all the adults of your family respond to your humble demands?
Yes, they do what you ask because it is irresistible, and for God, the way that you speak to him and ask, is also irresistible…”Pope Benedict XV

During that same summer, on the western shore of Europe in the remote hamlet of Fatima, there came from heaven an Angel of God who spoke to three little shepherd children.
At the first visit he told them: “Pray, with me!” And he taught them this prayer: “My God I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You.
I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You.”
Then praying this prayer he bowed to the ground. He told them: “Pray like this. The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplications.”
Like the story of Hagar (Gen 21: 17-18) here too an Angel assures the children that their prayers are heard.
In the autumn, on the third and final visit, the Angel appeared holding a chalice in his hands, with a Host above it from which drops of blood were falling into the sacred vessel.
Leaving the chalice and Host suspended in the air the Angel bowed to the ground in adoration and taught the children a second prayer in honour of the Most Holy Trinity. Then rising He gave the Host to Lucia and to Jacinta and Francisco, the two youngest,
he gave the contents of the Chalice. This heavenly intervention has marvelous significance in light of the
appeal made by Pope Benedict XV to the children to unite around the Eucharistic Banquet.
Perhaps we can say that in this way the Angel of God included these three children in that communion of
Holy Communions requested by the Holy Father from Rome and helped prepare their hearts for the great Apparitions of the Mother of God
that would soon follow.A child receives Holy Communion from Pope Benedict XVI
Such was the summer of 1916… The following year in a letter dated May 5, 1917, Pope Benedict XV filled with anguish at the continuing slaughter of millions made yet another appeal to Heaven for peace.
His desire was that everyone would have recourse to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Throne of Grace and that all would go to this Throne through Mary.
In his letter he ordered the invocation: Queen of Peace, pray for us! to be inserted universally into the Litany of Loreto and concluded with these words:

“To Mary, then, who is the Mother of Mercy and omnipotent by grace, let loving and devout appeal go up from every corner of the earth from noble temples and tiniest chapels, from royal palaces and mansions of the rich as from the poorest hut, in every place where there is a faithful soul — from blood-drenched plains and seas.
Let it bear to Her the anguished cry of mothers and wives, the wailing of innocent little ones, the sighs of every generous heart: that Her most tender and benign solicitude may be moved and the long awaited
peace we ask for be obtained for our world turned upside down. And, afterwards, remind future centuries of the efficacy of Her intercession and the greatness of the good She has given us.”

Just eight days later the Most Holy Virgin, Queen of Peace, appeared to the three shepherd children in Fatima.
From the Vicar of Christ in the Eternal City the appeal for peace went up to Heaven and to the tiny and unknown Fatima, in the ‘Land of Holy Mary’ Heaven sent down its reply!
Our Lady came to offer God’s Supernatural Plan for Peace. This Plan, given to help save the world from terrible wars and
persecutions wrought by mankind’s sinfulness, was revealed to three little children, utterly powerless in the sight of men.
Truly, the prayers of the children and all child-like souls united to those of the Vicar of Christ are heard! Today, we need very much the true prayer of the little ones. In 1994, Pope John Paul II echoed Pope Benedict XV’s words:
“What enormous power the prayer of children has!
This becomes a model for grown-ups themselves: praying with simple and complete trust means praying as children pray.”
(Letter to the Children) May our prayer become more humble, frequent and trusting so that it too may be ‘irresistible to God’.