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Our Lady

NOW IS THE TIME to enlighten the souls who
are most powerful with JESUS and BLESSED MOTHER!


Our Lady has shown us she always turns to children when she needs their help!
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LET US PRAY, for the coming of the Holy Spirit, upon the CHURCH, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, our FAMILIES, an end to the Pandemic, hastening of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

The Prayers of our Children can change the direction that the wind is blowing! etc…

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OCTOBER 2nd – 2021
EWTN will broadcast the 20th annual

Urgent Times Call for Global Children’s Eucharistic Rosary
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Important for You!

Clergy, teachers, parents, grandparents, become Ambassadors of Our Lady and teach children the HAIL MARY ETC.

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Prayer to Saint Jacinta and Saint Francisco for the end of the Pandemic.
We believe they can help us!

“Two candles which God lit to illuminate humanity in its dark and anxious hour.”

Saint John Paul II
Beatification of the Little Shepherds,
May 13th, 2000

Saint Jacinta and Saint Francisco both died of the pandemic of 1919. We must pray to them the following prayer asking their intercession for an end of our pandemic.

The following prayer does enjoy the imprimatur of the Catholic Church.

Please Print and forward to all!

This Holy Hour was broadcast with COVID regulations which required social distancing. This is why there are only a few families present. But schools, families and children throughout the world participated. Begin making reservations for your Church or Cathedral for next October 2nd, 2021.

EWTN has provided us with the video of our 19th annual Worldwide Children’s Holy Hour.
Gather your children, students and entire family to join in at anytime to participate in a
Eucharistic Holy Hour – Entrustment to Our Lady – and Most Holy Rosary!
PRESIDING Father Mary Joseph Wolfe ~ MFVA ~

Live streaming from the Archdiocese of Boston, MA. World Apostolate of Fatima Boston Virtual 15th Annual Children’s Eucharistic Holy Hour: October 7, 2020 from 1:00pm-2:00pm. This year’s Children’s Eucharistic Holy Hour and Holy Rosary for World Peace will be live-streamed so all children, teachers, parents and families are able to pray together from the safety and comfort of their classroom or home. Included here is a brief promo video which will help give the children a basic understanding of the message of Fatima and Our Lady’s call to pray the rosary daily! For event questions, please contact Judi Scherban or Fr. Ed Riley at Rev. If interested in information on Children of the Eucharist, Young Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary contact,

We will soon have these beautiful mysteries alive in video.

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Let’s teach the Hail Mary to the entire WORLD!

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The Hail Mary is the heart of our devotion and love to Our Blessed Mother. Because of it’s beautiful simplicity and repeat, in this beautiful little video can teach any adult or young child the Hail Mary.
Credit to Mary Ann Renna for more info:

Beautiful eight-page
pamphlet to Entrust your
families, youth and
children, to the
Immaculate Heart
of Mary!

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This booklet will be
helpful to teach children
the prayers of the
Angel of Peace.
As well as those
who wish to begin small
groups of children
to pray together.

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The following Mysteries of Rosary,are very inspirational and unique for all ages. They were drawn with great love for children, by Anna May McCallum wife and mother of 12 children. These Mysteries are a ‘CALL’ to the children of the world to spiritually unite with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. To spiritually unite in joy during the Joyful Mysteries,with Jesus and Mary, during their great sufferings in the Sorrowful Mysteries. To Celebrate with Jesus and Mary in the Glorious Mysteries, and to become Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Luminous Mysteries.

First Sorrowful Mystery
Second Sorrowful Mystery
Third Sorrowful Mystery
Fourth Sorrowful Mystery
Fifth Sorrowful Mystery
First Glorious Mystery
Second Glorious Mystery
Third Glorious Mystery
Fourth Glorious Mystery
Fifth Glorious Mystery
First Luminous Mystery
Second Luminous Mystery
Third Luminous Mystery
Fourth Luminous Mystery
Fifth Luminous Mystery

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