“In an increasingly secular world, the reality is this: the souls of our children are the battleground…”
– Archbishop Aquila, ‘Saints among us’


Bringing the ‘message of Fatima, into the heart of the families of the world, through its youngest members, the children and youth of the world!



LIVE THE MESSAGE OF FATIMA in the School of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

”Ask your teachers and parents to enroll you into the School of Mary. Our Lady needs all of you to console Jesus who is sad because of the bad things done to Him; she needs your prayers and your sacrifices for sinners…”
– Saint John Paul II: Beatification of Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinta

Unite in this apostolic mission to help teach the children and youth in your care how to LEARN, LIVE, and ENGAGE the children in this message, transforming them into Young Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Learn how with our One Promise and Five Easy Steps.