One Promise and Five Easy Steps
that will save the faith of our world’s children

The Children of the Eucharist materials have been beautifully designed and developed to help educators and parents to introduce the spiritual and devotional life of the saints: to ‘Jesus through Mary, and to ‘ignite the flame of faith’ in the hearts of our world’s children.

They will learn to live and spread the messages of the Angel of Peace and of Our Lady of Fatima, as taught to the little Shepherds of Fatima, Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinta, as they become missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in their parishes, schools and families.

The folders and cards are designed to be easy to use, concise and well organized. Teachers with busy ‘classroom curriculum deadlines’ and parents who have little time before and after work, will be able to introduce and help the children in their care, to adopt and live, the 5 Easy Steps to Holiness in the ‘School of the Immaculate Heart of Mary’.

It is our promise that if educators and parents take the time to seriously introduce each of the 5 Easy Steps to Holiness, following up with daily morning and evening overview, salt and pepper the ‘high points’ of each of these 5 Step Cards throughout the day, you will begin to see a change in the children in your care.

If you can do this much, the Holy Spirit and Our Lady will do the rest. We promise this program will ‘open the hearts and souls’ of the children to receive the graces that will lead them along the path of a lifetime of holiness as they make these 5 Steps a lifelong habit.

Why do we guarantee? Because it is a plan from the Queen of Heaven!


A note for those who devote themselves to this mission
Have a good mission! And thank Mary for choosing you for this apostolate which is the simplest but most effective. You will feel in your souls a Strength and a great Joy which the Spirit will send you by means of the children: it is the Father in Heaven’s “gratitude” which smiles at you for having allowed Him to take full possession of His children with whom He will fight and overcome the last battle against the eternal adversary.